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 A little about me…


My name is Elizabeth Jade Chan, first name suggested by Papa Chan, Mama Chan said that name was way too long, but she went with it. Middle name Jade, a translation of Mama Chan’s Vietnamese name (Ngoc).  Born and raised in Santa Ana and have not left my ‘OC Bubble’ as they call it. 

One day...I’ll pack my bags and be in Hawaii producing beautiful weddings with the most amazing sunsets,

stuffing my face with spam musubis and dole whip! 


Virgo Traits:


Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical


All work and no play

Virgo likes: 

Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness

Virgo dislikes: 

Rudeness, asking for help, taking center stage


As you can see, I was born to do this! 

Lizzy Liz in the making

I started working at 17 years old for a weddings and events production company that offered floral + production design, planning, coordination and venue that hosted weddings, socials and corporate events.  I wore many hats and have gained so much knowledge about producing events. 


I attended CSULB and graduated with a BA in Human Development.  It took me forever to graduate because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when ‘I grow up’.  I kept changing majors, with my Chinese background, I was told to be in the medical field, I explored Pharmaceutical, Physical Therapy, Psychology, and Kinesiology classes (don’t ask how many credits I graduated with!).  I loved it all but it was never the same feeling when I spoke about events. 


My eyes would light up, my heart would race, my smile would be from ear to ear speaking about weddings and events.  It just made sense to stay in this industry. 

Life after college:  I produced over 500 events in my career, and I missed school.  How crazy right?  But I did. 


I proceeded to enroll to National University for my Masters in Healthcare Administration.  I figured, if I could run a venue and produced over 500 events, I could totally run a hospital!  I finished my first year while working full time and it was the most draining process ever.  I worked 10 hour days/6 days a week, I attended a virtual class, I wrote papers, I had weekly exams and I slept 4 hours a night to fulfill both of my dreams.  Second year approached and classes were more difficult, I had to let go of one because full time internship was required. 


After 12 years with my company, I had to say goodbye. 


It was the most emotional and hardest thing I have done #adulting!  Three months into my program as a full time student for the very first time in my life, I was getting so many phone calls from vendors asking me where I was and what I was up to.  I also had job offers from hotels and wedding planning companies once they heard I left my company! 


The answer:  I’m going back to school.  Everyone thought I was crazy! 


Everyone saw something I didn’t. 


About 20 friendors all said to me, why don’t you start your own company, you would be an amazing planner. 


I then looked at all of them and said, you are crazy! 


After months of hearing the same thing, they secretly planted a seed in me.  Once I made the leap to become an entrepreneur, the seed sprouted and has turned into this beautiful arboretum called Lizzy Liz Events and Production. 


Confession time! 

Of course, my Asian parents were SO HAPPY that I was going back to school to get a “real job” in the corporate world.  Little did they know, I put a pause on school to reach for the stars and something I thought was intangible, my own company.  Mama Chan would call to see how schooling was, asking me if I have eaten yet and if I am getting enough sleep in between classes and assignments.  I lied through my teeth, I’ve never felt so much guilt in my life.  She knows all my secrets and this was the biggest secret I have ever kept to myself. 

It was eating me ALIVE!  This is not even the worse part of the story, come July…graduation time.  My parents are now asking me the deets on graduation…I had no choice but to blurt out “I quit school to become an entrepreneur”.   We won't go into details about this part of my but it was a lot of crickets chirping! 

Fast forward 365 long days of successfully building my company, they are finally flirting with the idea that it’s okay to be the Founder of Lizzy Liz Events and Production.  They have seen some of my published work, videos, and recognition in the industry.  Mama Chan and Papa Chan are finally on board with my decision and are now my biggest fans and seriously the best PR I could ever ask for (LOL!).  They are constantly sharing my work on their social media (yes, they’re on Facebook and IG, it’s the cutest thing in the world!  You can see me in between their dog/cat videos, memes, cooking video feeds) and they carry my business cards wherever they go.  Talk about being #blessed! 


Two years has flown by, our company has produced over 100 events. 



I am definitely living a life that can only be a dream (so I thought) and so happy to call it my reality.  So, when I say, I cannot thank you enough, I really mean it with all my heart.  It was a journey to find my happy place and it means a lot to share my happiness with you. 


Our team is motivated by passion, dreams, and adventure.  We look forward to creating your events with passion, imagination, and lots of laughter.  Thank you for joining our journey in the making. 

Always remember to follow your heart and listen to your intuition!  We live one life, let’s enjoy it and live to the fullest! 

We all deserve to be happy and only you can be responsible for your happiness.  If not now, then when? - one of the best advice I was given by my friend from 4th grade, Minnie Vu(oung)!


A million thanks in advanced to you and everyone who has helped us in reaching for the stars! 


Please call us today for a complimentary consultation!  We cannot wait to hear from you!

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